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My best friend sent me this tutorial of her doing her eyebrows and I thought you all would find it useful xoxo

Im dead

this is amazing


ヽ(°◇° )ノ Five Days at Freddy’s ヽ( °◇°)ノ 


I really love adding in little treats for you guys in the animal crossing mugs, but due to my personal concern about people’s allergies, I decided to include a simpler gift that is hopefully more convenient for everyone :) All mugs will now include little leaf coasters! Thank you for everyone’s support/interest/enthusiasm with the things I’ve been making so far ♥ You make me smile!


Anonymous said:

I love your voice. You should try voicing Lion King’s mufasa where samba is looking up in the stars with him. Or when mufasa is already dead and shows up in the sky when samba is looking for advice :)


Look inside yourself, Samba.


Dad Jokes: They’re So Legit Now 👨 by Thomas Sanders


That first noise made me lose my mind


I like pretending I can draw manga sometimes. A lil piece of junk from pchat, Ren is not having a good night. Another compilation of doodles I made in pchat, lately I draw a lot of Ren because I’m trying to get used to his personality and face…. he is supposed to have a strong jaw, thick eyebrows and piercing gray eyes with maybeline mascara quality eyelashes… lol of course Im all over the place. cough.